The lightweight shoes

Mountos crafts their shoes with the focus on making the shoe very light and easy to walk with, almost like wearing running shoes but with more steering and stability. These walking shoes can be crafted like this because of the wise use of materials and the smart outsole design, like we say at Mountos, it almost feels like flying. Not only do we craft lightweight shoes but we also have our values clear, those are steering, stability and shock absorbing. With this vision in mind, we’ve crafted hiking shoes that are the perfect blend of orthopedic knowledge and visionary design. Do you want to know how it feels to walk like a feather with our hiking shoes, try out for yourself.

Walking the PCT pacific crest trail

Have you ever heard of the PCT pacific crest trail, this is a really difficult trail stationed in America. We would like to have someone walk the trail with their Mountos on, how cool would that be! This trail became very popular because a couple of things like it crosses more than 100 major mountain passes, had a remarkable 54% of the trail in federal wilderness and it is so long the PCT passes through multijurisdictional areas, including tribal lands, 25 national forest units, 6 national park units, 7 bureau of land management field offices, 51 wilderness areas and numerous state and county parks. Because of the long trail our extra support insoles would be perfect for this hike. Switch the insoles and feel a boost in energy to complete your hikes.

Mountos crafted for your feet

All Mountos shoes are crafted with your feet in mind, we did this with the help of orthopedic knowledge. We know what happens with your feet while walking and because of that we designed a shoe that supports your feet to perfection. Our shoes offer durability, exceptional support and different stylish designs. The combination of these 3 is something you often do not see with hiking shoes, but Mountos has done it. The hiking shoes are lightweight as well, because of that it feels like you are being pushed forward when walking on the Mountos, the kilometers are going by like it is nothing. If you are still getting tired, we even have a solution for that. We have the extra support insoles that you can switch and after this you will walk even more comfortable. Don’t wait and try this out now.

Join Mountos on their sustainable journey

Mountos is more than just a simple hiking brand, we care about the world and try to produce as sustainable as we can. We keep ourselves to 5 sustainable steps, those are: PFAS-Free lining, Recycled laces, Less chemicals, No water waste and Respect for workers. These 5 are the foundation for the first steps to a sustainable world. At Mountos we produce according the European REACH standard. This contributes to the sustainable steps we are taking with Mountos. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction. This contributes to minimizing chemicals. If you want to read and know more about how we keep our footprint on the world as small as possible, I can recommend you to read more.

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